A collection inspired entirely by anatomy: designs illustrating human and animal organs, the circulatory system, uterus, sperm, bones, neurons, and a long etcetera, reminds us that real beauty comes from the inside.

⚡️ HUMAN HEARTS - TAKOTSUBO CARDIOMYOPATHY ⚡️ In broken heart syndrome, there is a temporary alteration of the normal pumping function in an area of the heart. Physicians may also refer to the condition as ballooning apical syndrome or stress cardiomyopathy, and its effects often reverse on their own.

🔥💀 Sistema Óseo 💀🔥  Complicada y perfecta estructura formada básicamente por 206 huesos.

✨🌙  The uterus ✨🌙  is the largest organ of the female reproductive system, it is a hollow and beautiful pear-shaped muscle.

🐈💀 Feline anatomy 💀🐈 The skeleton of the cat (felis silvestris catus) does not have clavicles that take away its agility, the scapula-humeral joint allows it to move its forelimb in almost any direction and the presence of more than 500 muscles gives it a great variety of movement to the bones. 🖤