Before Endémica was born, we had traveling art and nature workshops around Perú for years... But because they were workshops we did just because of love, we didn't feel it was necessary to show them🐛
However, along the way we met other projects with social impact and learned that sharing what we do is not bad and could even serve to encourage the birth of more brands with a purpose. 🍃 ...So from now on, sometimes we will also upload photos of the workshops we continue to do, now thanks to Endemic. If you are dedicated to art or science and would like to collaborate write to us.💜


Workshop in Puerto Maldonado, diversity of insects and trees. The ant that Pedro made had more legs than usual on purpose.

Noqa Kani (I am, in Quechua) identity and biodiversity workshop, in Amantaní, Lake Titikaka. The drawings of children from 4 communities are now exhibited in the Interpretation Center, between the Pachatata and Pachamama temples, on the top of the island.

Workshops in Chachapoyas, together with the great team of Colectivo Senti2. Using waste materials such as plastic bottles, cardboard and wool, we created characters that later allowed us to tell beautiful stories. Photos: Alicia Slater.